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It's None of My Business What You Think of Me

"I loved this book. A must read not only for teens and parents but also for anyone who needs their mood boosted. Peter is a brilliant writer as he makes clear how our Ego can put us on the course of fear vs love. With Peter's guiding principles ad wonderful explanations, I know that I can achieve this. It never too late to enjoy life to its fullest. This book shows the reader the most direct path".

Elaine A. Campbell MD, author of My Life As a Car: A Mental Wellness Guide for your Glove Compartment, and Psychiatrist and Mental Wellness Coach at The Lu- Jean Feng Center


Life is a series of contracts the ego makes with itself, reality is the shadow these contracts put upon our souls. We all know about emotion baggage, the stains upon our inner selves, and the weights around our ankles that keep us from being what we could. Identify and remove these ankle weights now.



Whether you are a young adult considering your career path, a middle-ager in teh throes of crisi, or apporaching retirement, this book is for you. 


Each of us, while growing up, takes on a number of contracts or promises. "Work hard, and you will succeed". Pay attetion- live by my rules do what I say caouse I know better than you and you will be rewarded." You unknowingly have netered into dozezns of thses agreements with your parents, friends, teachers, emplyers, and the mass media. 


These contracts when kept, however, make you poor, sad, and even unhealthy. You know about emotional baggage, the strains on your inner self, nad teh wieghts around your ankles that keep you from doing and being what you have wanted to be, even were meant to be. 


This book shows you how to bring thses contracts to the surface to allow you to cancel or rewrite theim, and live the life you have wanted for so long. It also helps coach parents in working with their teenagers and young adults in lifeplanning. 

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