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Author, journalist, master life coach Peter Baksa, traveled the world collecting scientific research and life experiences that lead to the development of a technological model that illustrates how humans manifest their reality.  Now he is sharing his insights to help others discover how they can begin to hone in on their desires, set an intention and declare a set of behaviors that are in alignment. Finally, Baksa asserts that we must detach from the intention and allow the same source energy that creates worlds from nothingness - to help organize and attract all the needed ingredients allowing said desire to become manifest.  
Peter Baksa spent a decade pouring over historic theological texts, living with Tibetan monks at the Lama temple, and dissecting the research of the world’s most respected scientists.  He has crafted a groundbreaking technology that can help even skeptics achieve the lives they never dared to imagine. Grounded in scientific study, Peter’s guide to personal empowerment makes enlightenment attainable for everyone.


Through his books, workshops, and seminars, Peter Baksa’s expertise helps people transform their relationships, careers, finances, health, and even their appearance. Peter speaks on a variety of topics, including the physical, mental, and dietary lifestyle changes that can help you harness the energy of the universe and live the life you desire.


Peter Baksa ( has written several books, including: "The Point of Power", "It's None of My Business What You Think of Me", and "Think Yourself Young". Peter has been intentionally manifesting material and personal life experiences since he was a young boy. From the age of 8 years old, Peter studied chess strategies that that lead him to being a state champion by his early teens. The same strategic logic that won him championships ended up being a part of the same mental logic that helped him acquire and build companies from scratch into national concerns. Chess taught him taught him to give up a pawn when he could capture a queen just like you should in life to be a successful business person or otherwise. Around the same age he pursued oil painting, violin, piano, guitar and sang in the church choir while in attendance at Immanuel Lutheran parochial grade school. In college Peter played competed in Track and Field, Football, and soccer. He wrote for the college newspaper and remained on the Deans list with a 4.0 GPA for a majority of his academic career. Peter was invited to Harvard University in Cambridge to present a mathematical model that he published while still in graduate school. This model established a unique way of valuing a real estate asset over time. 
Baksa has been featured in multiple national radio shows and he speaks professionally in workshops and seminars across the country. Additionally, his work has been featured in Tony Robbins’ “Breakthrough: The Power of Crisis” section of the Huffington Post.
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